Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Book Quotes: Death Wish

Cover of "Death Wish"Cover of Death Wish
"There are times I'm convinced there is nothing more to existence in this world than a black desert where blind people pick up rocks and grope around to kill one another."
 - Brian Garfield, Death Wish
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's nice to know that someone cares what I think...

Performed by Lugosi (Volume 0)In this case, that someone is Susan Whitfield, who has posted an interview with me on her author review blog. In the interview, Susan asks me about my background, my writing habits, my projects, and my latest book, Performed by Lugosi. Stop over at her blog and read all about me, browse her other author interviews when you get bored with mine, and post flattering comments about my author photo if you are so inclined. Come on, you know you want to.
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why Aren't Republicans Funny?

Chistine O'Donnell's new "I'm not a witch" commercial is depressingly reminiscent of Sarah Palin running with the "Palm Notes" debacle, and underlines one of the major flaws of most republicans: they truly have no noticeable sense of humor. Palin and O'Donnell trying to act like they are good sports who are in on the joke, or firing back with staff-written jabs of their own, always fails with an audible thud. Why do most far Right Wingers have no comprehension of satire or parody, or even a basic understanding of the form and function of a joke?

2 9 10 Bearman Cartoon Sarah Palins HandImage by Bearman2007 via FlickrThis isn't an isolated incident, either. A recent poll showed that a large number of conservatives did not realize that the Colbert Report was satire; they thought he was actually championing conservative causes, albeit in a humurous way. They didn't get the joke. Could it be that buying into the Republican world view actually divorces you from reality and the human condition so much that you no longer understand what is humorous? It would explain why Dennis Miller stopped being funny once he gave up his impartial comedian status and became a dedicated toe-the-line conservative commentator.

Still don’t see the connection? Remember Fox News' short-lived attempt at a Daily Show-type comedy news series, the 1/2 Hour News Hour? Yeah, most people don’t. Yet another audible thud.
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