Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shepard Smith Mocks Glenn Beck On Fox News During "Glenn Beck Friday"

For those who missed it last week, what follows is a compilation of all the moments throughout Fox News' "Glenn Beck Friday" when Shepard Smith openly mocked Beck and the bizarre event.

I have been a huge fan of Shepard Smith ever since I caught his live reporting from New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. He had been talking to Sean Hannity live via satellite, and even though Hannity was the hottest Fox News Flavor at the time, Smith slapped down his attempts to trivialize the events without batting an eye. Despite the cable news channel he has ended up on, Shep has repeatedly proved that he is unwilling to take direction from the wingnut personalities that promise ratings in lieu of real news.

I'll admit that Glenn Beck is rather easy to make fun of lately, but watching Shep openly mock "Glenn Beck Friday" when he is obviously meant to be promoting the event is hilarious. Watching him laugh as Chris Wallace chastises him for not "getting on the bandwagon" is priceless.

For those not into news and politics, I promise more book related posts in the immediate future. Honest.

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