Friday, July 10, 2009

United Breaks Guitars, Caves to Youtube Video

Just another example of the old story of Airline damages luggage, luggage owner seeks restitution, Airline tells valued customer to get bent.

However, in this case the airline was United Airlines, the luggage was a $3,500 guitar, the luggage owner was Dave Carroll, member of the Sons of Maxwell band, and his response to being told to get bent was to go viral with a Youtube video about his (and his Taylor guitar's) treatment by United's crack customer service team, even going so far as to mention his final contact, Ms. Irlweg, by name.

Surprise, surprise. Months of desperate phone calls and conversations to countless United Airlines officials gains nothing but indifference and rejection. But a music video about the problem with 1.3 Million Youtube hits and major news coverage later, and United Airlines suddenly cares about repaying a customer for the damage done to his luggage.

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Misha04 said...

Bravo!! (standing ovation) It is about time some of those nasty, robotic airline employees have to eat some crow. I have been through the same thing with Southwest Airlines and good old United Airlines. All of these airlines claim to be different and better than their competitors. They all look and act very 'cookie cutter' despite the feigned differences. Bravissimo for the 'Sons of Maxwell'. Well done!!