Saturday, March 13, 2010

Texas Education Board Approves Conservative Curriculum Changes By Far-Right

So, Republican revisionism finally makes the leap from Journalists to Historians as they successfully force their own far-right political views into text books. Other changes soon to come to an American History Textbook near you:

  • Supplemental Chapter: Tea Parties: Then and Now
  • Section listing requirement of US President's to be born on American soil includes the addition "Until recently..."
  • Economic history involving the dropping of the gold standard includes a half-page ad for Goldline featuring Glenn Beck.
  • America acquired from Indians legally at fair market values, a perfect example of unregulated capitalism.
  • All references to "Democratic Party" changed to "Democrat Party"
  • Racism no longer exists; successfully defeated by Republican in the late sixties.
  • Kennedy Presidency briefly mentioned as a "transitional period," remaining space dedicated to Ronald Reagan.
  • God mentioned at least once every two pages, listed among founding fathers.
  • Ayn Rand listed as Economic Expert in section on capitalism, Atlas Shrugged added to "Suggested Reading" list.
  • All references to "President Obama" changed to "President (?) "Barry" Barack Hussein Obama"

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Anonymous said...

I totally support that! Continue that way!