Thursday, September 29, 2011

9/29/11 - Lee Camp Commute, Republican Authors, Pepper Spray, Bad Movie Day, and Reading in Bed

Political Activist Podcasts don't seem to be making my morning commute any easier. Listening to Lee Camp rage against the corporate power structure is entertaining and intellectually stimulating, but it isn't really the proper buildup to a day of invoicing behind a desk for a company that failed to see the irony in making Labor Day an unpaid holiday.


I know a number of fellow writers who are very vocal Republicans. Often, I find myself wondering how these intelligent and talented men, whom I hold in such high esteem, can be so smart and observant, yet hold such insane, illogical political viewpoints. My hope is that they feel the same way about me.


It is painfully obvious that the recent bouts of police brutality, including the random spraying of pepper spray into crowds by a senior NYPD officer, are nothing more than desperate attempts at sparking an outburst of reactionary violence in order to give authorities a reason to clear out the maddeningly peaceful Occupy Wall Street protesters. A virtual media blackout during an entire week of protesting (in a climate where a dozen Tea Party members in funny hats guarantees BREAKING NEWS coverage across the board) has done little to dissuade the them, and the crowds are too small and well-documented (despite attempts by police to arrest protesters carrying high-end camera equipment) to integrate masked pseudo-protesters to break some storefront windows and manufacture a false riot.

The real irony here is that it was the rash of violent incidents instigated by police that finally garnered coverage by the mainstream media through the "If it Bleeds, it Leads" loophole. It's nice to know that the truth eventually gets out, even if it is through miscalculated efforts to suppress it.


Superman IV: The Quest for PeaceImage via Wikipedia
Recording an episode of Moviesucktastic tonight with my stunningly handsome and barrel-chested co-host, Joseph Guida. The main subject of this week's episode will be the upcoming Bad Movie Day, and his recent challenge to me of Supergirl, the taste of which still lingers bitterly in the back of my throat. Joining us will be our special guest Don Everitt Smith Jr., who will be sharing his comic book expertise with us in between bouts of plugging his latest book, The Goffle Road Murders of Passaic County.

I'm looking forward to spending a couple of solid hours discussing the film nominations for Bad Movie Day (Van Helsing, The Room, C.H.U.D., Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, and Garbage Pail Kids: The Movie), reminiscing about Matt "Max Headroom" Frewer's role in Supergirl as the A&W Root Beer loving truck driver rapist, and resisting the urge not to talk politics with Don.


My desire to read more is in constant conflict with my cluttered schedule and my body's unhealthy obsession with sleep. I decided to finally get around to cracking open The Soul's Code by James Hillman, and I managed a full two paragraphs in bed before blacking out completely.

I actually have a habit of falling asleep while reading, waking up a few minutes later, the determinedly restarting the paragraph I passed out during. I've actually gone weeks reading the same page over and over. Common sense loses out to stubborn determination in these situations, and I will usually continue my somnambulistic repeat reading of the same paragraph until I'm awoken by the thud of the book hitting the floor. Thank god I'm not a smoker, eh?

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