Saturday, March 22, 2008

Chris Wallace and Brown-Haired-Guy-Who-Is-Not-Steve-Doocy team up against Fox & Friends

Every now and then, a tiny sliver of sunlight breaks through the dismal clouds of despair that forever obscure the blue skies of hopefulness. It is during these brief moments, when unexpected miracles prove my cynical world-views to be less then concrete, that I find myself wondering if maybe there isn't a higher power who loves us all and is slowly guiding us towards the utopian existence that all mankind truly deserves.

Of course, I could just be experiencing an extreme case of sugar poisoning from the seventy-two Cadbury Eggs I ingested this morning.

Or, it could be the complete mental shock from seeing not one, but TWO Fox News Zombies rebel against their soulless masters and speak out in favor of a little rational debate.

First, the Brown-Haired-Guy-Who-Is-Not-Steve-Doocy makes the mistake of trying to inject a little intellectual honesty into the F&F "Typical White Person" Obama quote, and finds out exactly how painful it is to smack your head up against that particular brick wall:

Then, just to sweeten the pie, Chris Wallace comes on (apparently to talk about such hot-button political topics as his bathroom and his tie) and takes a moment to scold the kids on F&F:

In case you missed it, not only did Wallace accuse the F&F goons of being deceptive and unfair, he also wondered aloud if the News Media as a whole isn't responsible for this pointless diversions that keep us away from discussing any real facts or issues.

I could just kiss the camera guy for the quick flashes of the F&F host's faces as Wallace broke ranks and criticized his own for being exceptionally inane. Not even Doocy's smarmy Pseudo-Hannity shit-eating-grin could mask his displeasure at being scolded by the news reporter and a guest. And isn't it cute how Gretchen keeps trying to act like the intelligent voice of reason? She might come of a bit more likable and less irritating if she stopped ad-libbing and treating her co-anchor position more like her Miss America position, which is most likely what the Fox heads expected when they signed her up.

Say what you want about Wallace (I have no real love for the man myself), he sure new how to slap Doocy down when he claimed that Wallace hadn't heard everything they said. "Well, I heard enough." *snicker*

I haven't had this much fun watching Fox since the time Geraldo Rivera and Shepard Smith both rebelled against Hannity while reporting live from New Orleans during the Katrina Debacle:

Happy Easter. Let's hope this is only the beginning.