Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Scott's Lost Update: LA X

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Some quick thoughts regarding the season six premier of Lost ("LA X") before this week's episode ("What Kate Does") airs tonight:

Flashback Transitions: A lot of people have been just assuming that these apparently concurrent "Flashes" are glimpses of an alternate reality created by the detonation of Jughead, a reality in which the island never crashed flight 815. This is bolstered by Miles' claim that the final words that Juliette had failed to tell Sawyer before she died were "It worked."

I think this is partially true. But the fact that it seems too obvious should be a warning sign to any longterm Lost fans. The assumption that everybody is working off of is that these Flashes don't exist in the same timeline, despite no real evidence that this is the case. Considering that there is currently a three year gap between the time of the plane crash and where our remaining survivors currently are, I think it is very possible that the Flashes will eventually take them all to where they currently are, but via different routes. I'm probably wrong, but I had to weigh in on it.

Another reason I think this? Because of...

Blood Around the Collar: Jack finding the spot of blood on his collar in the Alternate Reality Flash could be symbolic for the two timelines "bleeding" together and eventually merging into one. Jack's recognition of Desmond, whom he never would have met in this timeline, also not only supports this, but singles Jack out as the main catalyst for the crossover.

Speaking of Desmond...

Desmond: Was Desmond really on the plane, or his he doing some more Time Hopping? It is quite possible that an Island-less timeline would land a happily married Desmond on the flight, but his mysterious appearance and disappearance, and the lack of any sighting (yet) of him in the terminal, make his brief chat with Jack a bit... well... mysterious.

The Second Coming of Sayid: Has Jacob come back in Sayid's body? Considering that his rival (and the revealed Black Smoke Monster) has not inhabited Locke's body, but merely copied it, I find this highly unlikely.

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