Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just Another Day With Verizon Customer Service

What follows is an unaltered transcript of my most recent attempt to obtain help/information from Verizon's "Customer Support." Please enjoy.

Chat Subject:Unknown

Your Question:The modems you keep sending me are crap, keep overheating, a problem I haven't had in seven years with my old one. Which in store modem/routers are compatible with verizon wireless so I can purchase one that actually works?

A Verizon Service Representative will be with you shortly. Thank you.

Agent Kapil has joined. (13:34:15)

Kapil : Chat ID for this session is ###########. (13:34:15)

Kapil(13:34:25): Thank you for contacting Verizon HSI Technical Support. My name is Kapil and I am the technical support analyst assigned to help you. Please stay online for a few moments while I review the information generated by your trouble ticket.

Kapil(13:35:01): Thank you for staying online. I appreciate your patience.

Kapil(13:35:01): I apologize for the inconvenience caused and I will try my best to resolve the issue.

Kapil(13:35:06): I understand your concern and I will assist you with the issue. For verification, please provide the following information before we start: 

- Your first and last name 
- The first and last name of the account holder and your relationship with him/her. 
- The Operating System (Window XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000 or Macintosh) that you are using.

Scott Wilson(13:35:30): Scott Wilson, Account Holder, Windows 7

Kapil(13:35:45): While I am checking your account details, may I have your preferred email address and preferred callback number? Could you confirm if this number accepts incoming calls from 800 or toll free numbers?

Scott Wilson(13:36:13): (INCORRECT EMAIL GIVEN). No call back number.

Scott Wilson(13:36:26): (CORRECT EMAIL GIVEN)

Kapil(13:36:46): Thank you for the information.

Kapil(13:36:52): May I know the make and model number of the modem which you are using to connect to the internet? (Eg: Westell 6100, 2200, 6110, 7500, Versalink 327, Actiontec)

Scott Wilson(13:38:00): Actiontec GT704WG

Kapil(13:38:16): Could you please elaborate the issue so that I can assist you in a better way?

Scott Wilson(13:40:08): Your Actiontec modems keep overheating whenever I attempt to harness the massive 4mbps download speeds I squeeze out of the crappy local lines, and so I want a confirmation on which modem models are compatible with Verizon DSL, so I can purchase one that doesn't melt down after four hours of continuous use.

Scott Wilson(13:40:44): And it's "elaborate ON the issue," not "Elaborate THE issue."

Scott Wilson(13:40:51): The latter makes no sense.

Kapil(13:42:27): Please allow me a moment, let me check whether this modem can be replaced or not.

Kapil(13:42:33): Please stay online with me.

Scott Wilson(13:43:03): I don't want you to replace the modem. You've already replaced it with the same kind, and it has the same issues.

Scott Wilson(13:43:33): What I want is a list of modems that I can purchase and use in conjunction with my DSL service.

Kapil(13:43:43): Okay

Kapil(13:44:08): Please stay online with me, I am connecting you to concern department, who can provide you best information about this.

Scott Wilson(13:44:16): "I am connecting you to THE concern department."

This session is being transferred. (13:44:19)

This session is transferred to Wendy. (13:44:29)

Agent Wendy has joined. (13:44:29)

Wendy(13:44:34): Hello. Thank you for choosing Verizon and visiting our chat service. I will be happy to help you today. 

For quality & security purposes, your session is recorded and may be monitored or reviewed. Please do not provide sensitive information such as social security, bank account or credit card numbers. May we view your account information, including the services you subscribe to, so that we may assist you during this chat with respect to available Verizon products and services? You may deny us permission, which will have no effect on your current services. Under federal law, it is your right and our duty to protect your account information. 

May I have permission to review your account?

Scott Wilson(13:44:51): Hello Wendy

Scott Wilson(13:45:13): What would you like to review?

Wendy(13:45:28): I just need your permission to access your account.

Scott Wilson(13:45:44): Go right ahead.

Wendy(13:46:34): Thank you. How can I help you today?

Scott Wilson(13:47:21): They didn't copy any information from the last person I just spent ten minutes with?

Wendy(13:48:12): I see your question regarding the compatiblity of routers but that isn't something that I can help you with from this department.

Scott Wilson(13:48:23): Then why am I talking to you?

Wendy(13:49:43): I apologize, I am not sure why you were transferred here. I will need to transfer you back to our Online Technical Support department for assistance. I am very sorry for the inconvenience.

This session is being transferred. (13:49:58)

Scott Wilson(13:50:15): I'm sure this one will be much more helpful.

This session is transferred to Kirti. (13:52:00)

Agent Kirti has joined. (13:52:00)

Kirti(13:52:30): Thank you for contacting Verizon HSI Technical Support. My name is Kirti and I am the technical support analyst assigned to help you. Please stay online for a few moments while I review the information generated by your trouble ticket.

Scott Wilson(13:53:23): Okay

Scott Wilson(13:57:58): We're now looking at twenty minutes and three customer service reps, all for an answer to a general question that should be available as a FAQ on the main Verizon website.

Supervisor Dibakar has joined. (13:58:43)

Dibakar(13:58:43): Hi I am Dibakar , the supervisor on the floor.

Scott Wilson(13:59:24): Hello Dibakar.

Dibakar(13:59:29): Please allow me few minutes to go through the case details.

Scott Wilson(13:59:47): By all means.

Dibakar(14:01:42): As i understand the issue, you want to know the modem info that are compatible with Verizon wireless service.

Scott Wilson(14:02:00): Yes.

Scott Wilson(14:02:04): Please.

Scott Wilson(14:02:13): Very much so.

Dibakar(14:02:49): Sure. I will provide you the web sites details.

Scott Wilson(14:04:07): I would love to know where that information is on the website. Twenty minutes of searches and browsing the FAQ left me empty handed. I couldn't even find a link that would allow me to purchase a modem directly from Verizon.

Scott Wilson(14:04:18): Which I wouldn't do, of course. But still.

Scott Wilson(14:05:06): It's now been a half hour, and you are the fourth rep I have spoken with. Seems like a lot for such a simple question, no?

Scott Wilson(14:05:32): I mean, no one has even tried to sell me anything. Talk about a missed opportunity.

Scott Wilson(14:07:10): I'm guessing you're having as much luck finding it as I did?

Dibakar(14:08:10): Thank you for your patience.

Dibakar(14:08:35): Please visit the web page of the Verizon portal :


Scott Wilson(14:10:15): So, your troubleshooting page for modems, with no documentation or titles to explain otherwise, doubles as your list of compatible models?

Dibakar(14:11:00): It carries all the compatible modem list.

Scott Wilson(14:11:09): Which means, unless I try to find troubleshooting documentation for a modem I have yet to purchase, I'm not going to find it.

Scott Wilson(14:11:29): And that took over forty minutes for someone to direct me to.

Scott Wilson(14:11:34): On the fourth rep.

Scott Wilson(14:11:37): You know, when people talk about Verizon Customer Support being as unreliable and useless as a group of five-year-olds playing Telephone, you like to think that it isn't true.

Scott Wilson(14:12:21): But then, forty minutes later, here we are.

Dibakar(14:12:46): Have opened any particular modem page?

Scott Wilson(14:13:07): That sentence makes no grammatical sense. Please try again.

Scott Wilson(14:13:44): Maybe this is the issue. If you don't have a full command of the English language, how are you supposed to comprehend what I am asking?

Dibakar(14:14:14): Okay. Your feedback is taken.

Scott Wilson(14:15:32): I have yet to see any proof that anything that happens in a Verizon support call is actually documented anywhere, so I seriously doubt that.

Dibakar(14:16:38): Its documented.

Scott Wilson(14:18:37): I'm sure the complaint will be taken under serious consideration. Is there any reason why you haven't asked me if there's anything else you can help me with, or are you just hoping to stretch this simple question out to a full hour?

Dibakar(14:22:33): Is there anything else i may assist you with?

Scott Wilson(14:24:35): No, that should be it.

Scott Wilson(14:24:48): Capital "i"

Scott Wilson(14:25:28): Oh, and there should be an apostrophe in "It's documented."

Scott Wilson(14:25:45): I do English tutoring on the side if you're interested.

Scott Wilson(14:26:18): I'll cut you a huge discount if you can get my internet to actually work the way it should.

Scott Wilson(14:26:37): Call it a professional courtesy discount.

Dibakar(14:27:23): Is there anything else related internet service?

Scott Wilson(14:28:01): Do you mean "Is there anything else related TO internet service?"

Scott Wilson(14:28:08): If so, then the answer is no.

Scott Wilson(14:28:16): I just said that a few minutes ago.

Dibakar(14:28:31): Okay. It was a typo.

Dibakar(14:28:57): It was wonderful to assist such a patient customer like you. Have a great day ahead.

Scott Wilson(14:29:07): Well, with that kind of attention to detail, I can rest assured my internet service needs are in good hands.

Scott Wilson(14:29:18): You have a great day as well.

Dibakar(14:29:24): Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied with the service you have received and please recommend us to your friends and colleagues. Thank you for choosing Verizon. 

There will be a follow up email with helpful troubleshooting tips for the most common issues sent to your email for future assistance. Please visit "" and download the "Verizon In-Home Agent" for easy to use troubleshooting tips and diagnostics tools for your TV, Internet and Telephone. For a recap of the issues discussed today, please refer to the chat posted above.

Scott Wilson(14:29:26): Ahead is redundant.

Scott Wilson(14:30:03): I didn't choose Verizon. If I had a choice, I'd be sipping on sweet Cable internet.

Scott Wilson(14:30:09): But thank you just the same.

Dibakar(14:30:39): Okay. No issues. Have a great day.

Scott Wilson(14:31:17): You just said that.

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