Thursday, June 11, 2009

Build your own Typewriter Keyboard

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I grew up in an age before the electronics boom, when the VCR was still a fairly new product, and computers weren't even close to being affordable for everyday folks. That's right all you whippersnappers reading this, there was an age in which the land line telephone was still the main form of communication. It was called The Eighties. But I digress...

As a young child with literary aspirations in an era before blogs and laptops, I taught myself how to use a typewriter, an old electric one from my grandmother's attic. It hummed like a malfunctioning transformer, and sounded like a jackhammer when you pressed the keys. I would have to wrap the thing in a towel and rest it on my lap if I wanted to type at night without waking the people in the apartment below us.

Anyway, as weird as it may seem, I occasionally miss the old clunky typewriters, and have occasionally wondered in the past if there might be a way to turn one into a laptop, or at least a functioning keyboard. Not being technically advanced in my knowledge of computers and other things that I use on a daily basis, I never gave it much thought beyond that.

Other people, however, rise to such challenges, and so this morning, while looking for gardening tips, I stumbled upon this.

Typewriter Computer Keyboard - More DIY How To Projects

Now all we need is a Kindle built into an old hardcover book.

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