Tuesday, June 23, 2009

CBS News: Iranian Protesters Don't Care What John McCain Thinks

On ABC News, Iranian filmmaker/journalist Kouross Esmaeli commented on the Republican

John McCain waits to deliver speech in Denver,...Image via Wikipedia

criticisms of President Obama's handling of the Iranian Protests in the wake of the blatantly rigged Elections.

Kouross not only emphasized that most Iranians couldn't really care less about the opinions of Senator John McCain, a man who gleefully sang about bombing Iran during the presidential election primaries of 2008, he even went as far as to recognize that the news media as a whole has been implicitly helpful in spreading and disseminating the Republican Party's illogical and politically motivated arguments against President Obama's well calibrated statements on the Iranian uprising.

Iranian protesters as a whole, it seems, have more important things to worry about than the political aspirations of rapidly aging right-wing politicians. Go figure.

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