Monday, November 29, 2010

The Big Lie of Black Friday Economic Recovery, Take Two

We went through this same nonsense last year. The mad rush to cash in on bargains on Black Friday spawned headlines screaming "What Recession?­" and articles featuring pictures of shopping carts overflowin­g with widescreen television­s, with newscaster­s and journalist­s practicall­y giddy over the concept of "consumer confidence­" (a disgusting term in itself) as they predict this sudden shift in spending habits is an indicator of a waning recesssion­, and not just a typical spike in holiday shopping. Then, after New Year's Eve has come and gone, more subdued articles are released, sans pictures and exclematio­ns, with numbers showing an actual decrease in holiday shopping.

I understand that the news media is desperate to fill empty space on a regular basis, but when the lies and distortion­s become cyclical and predictabl­e, if not just boring, you have to start asking yourself why we even bother anymore. Granted, the supposed improvemen­t projected this Christmas season might have been influenced somewhat by the recent increase in high-end spending by the wealthy as reported last week, but the this rehash of unfounded hopefulnes­s is still adding to the nation's already plentiful seasonal depression­.
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